Sunday, October 21, 2007

A View of K-Ville and Ratings

Dave Walker, from the TP, has a great write up about where K-Ville stands in the ratings game played by the networks. In "'K-Ville' hopes to build ratings momentum starting Monday", Dave discusses how and why K-Ville needs to work on its ratings.

Dave feels that K-Ville has been "trending upwards" creatively and is on the "low end of acceptable" commercially. Personally, I find that is has improved greatly creatively but I have to admit he's right commercially. It's at the bottom of the charts for broadcast ratings.

The episodes have been getting better and better with the characters getting stronger and integrating as a team. The story line of Boulet and his interactions with his family and with ex-partner Charlie is some good TV.

I heard a rumor that K-Ville was moving time slots, but Dave's article sounds like it will be staying right where it is. I'm glad about that but going up against football and Heroes doesn't do it any rating favors.

The big unknown is a Hollywood writer's strike:

One factor in "K-Ville's" future that apparently nobody can control is the possibility of a fall strike by the Writers Guild of America. The guild's contract with studios expires Nov. 1. The sides appear to be far apart on bargaining issues, chief of which is figuring a fair digital-distribution revenue split.

I'm afraid that if there is a strike, K-Ville and everything else at the lowend will be on the chopping block. Dave points out that we will "soon clog with quickie reality shows, reruns, newsmagazines and sports". Ugh. Please no more reality shows. No quickies, not slowies, not any. Just say NO to reality. If I wanted reality, I'd have a life.

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