Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jindal Wins the Race

I debated with myself whether or not to write about this. It will be all over the news for a while and I hate being a band wagon jumper. But this blog is about my thoughts and opinions and I have an opinion.

I think Jindal is the wrong person for the position. Personally, I thought Georges would have been a better choice. Don't get me wrong, Blanco is a complete dufus and I don't blame people for wanting a do over.

I honestly don't think the response to Katrina would have been much different had Jindal been governor though. The three things that would have made a difference to a lot of people would have been a different New Orleans mayor, a different Jefferson parish president and a different US president. The governor was a bit player.

The news here is not that La got the best governor that it could but that it did get some firsts: the youngest governor in the US, the first non-white La governor in 100+ years, the first Indian governor. Did I miss any?

What La needs right now is not more politics as usual and Bobby is politics as usual. The state needs a governor who will bring in business and who can change the national, even global, impression of Louisiana as a back water, red neck, third world place where you can only do business with bribery and deceit.

I think Georges would have been able to do that job much better than Jindal. I think it speaks to what kind of a person Georges is that instead of complaining or making excuses, Georges congratulated Jindal and asked everyone to get behind and support Jindal. If Georges had won, would Jindal have had that much class?

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