Monday, October 1, 2007

New Orleans Gets Foreign Trade Office

I think I may have mentioned that I am a news junkie. I especially like reading news about New Orleans from foreign countries. Today, I read New Orleans to get new foreign trade office in the International Herald Tribune.

An Australian trade office will be the first, followed by Mexico and, later, Guatemala. I like the Australian attitude.

"While we live here and see things every day, over and over again, the pace of progress might seem to be excruciatingly slow," he said. "I think (the Australians are) taken aback, like everyone else, by the size of what happened. But they took a look at it and said, 'Let's roll up our sleeves.' They want to be a part of the rebuilding process."

This isn't just good news for New Orleans now. This is good news for New Orleans' future. Instead of remaking the city to be what it was, it can be remade into what it should be.

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