Sunday, October 7, 2007

K-Ville Pilot Recap

When Katrina hit, Marlin Boulet, an NOPD cop did his best to help the people of his city. His partner despaired of the death and destruction and freaked out. He took the patrol car and drove away leaving behind and unbelieving Martin.

Flash forward to today, in New Orleans. Marlin is doing a bit of drinking, a bit more than he should. Today he gets a new partner and runs into the old one. He doesn't know if he can trust the former because he knows he can't trust the latter. Both will work to gain his trust.

Partner "nut job", aka Trevor Cobb, is an afghan vet, specifically Kandahar. He's a cop from up north. Or is he? Hmmmmm. He's refers to the neutral ground as ground. He also knows the streets around town awfully well for a newbie.

While covering a fund raiser, Kasha Fontaine, a singer and close friend of Marlin's, is shot. The bad guys escape in an old gold beater car. Obligatory car chase ensues. We are treated to a tour of New Orleans at speeds I have not traveled since I was a teenager, ironically on some of the exact same streets. ;-0

The chase ends at a casino. The perps escape into the casino, on foot and are followed by our intrepid heroes. The perps escape but we find out that the cameras in the casino have been moved around so that no video images are captured. Voila! It's a clue.

Marlin assumes that an old boyfriend of the singer is the guilty party and takes him trawling. Well, dunks him. Best pun of the show: while Marlin is dunking the boyfriend off the side of a shrimp boat, Trevor asks him, "Don't you think this is overboard?" Bwahahahaha.

At home, Marlin's wife and little girl can't deal with the lack of services, schools, crime, etc. They need to leave. They want to head back to Atlanta. Marlin decides he can't leave. This is his city and someone has to stay behind to take control back from the thugs.

Sometimes you have to stand and fight for what you believe in.

At a night time fund raiser, we're introduced to a southern beauty, Christina DuBois, a New Orleans native of the uptown variety. She has dedicated herself to raising funds to help the city and bring the natives back. We also learn that her brother was killed in a bad part of town.

A big black SUV drives by and open up with automatic weapons. Marlin and Trevor's police car is blown up. Just another night in k-town. This time it becomes obvious that the shooters were not shooting to kill. They were shooting to scare.

The old partner, Charlie, comes back to make things right. He gives Marlin information that points towards men, men who work at the casino, who incidentally work for Christine DuBois' father. These men are with the Blackriver security group; gulf war vets. Charlie wants to be a cop again.

The bad guys send a message to Martin. They put a hose in his window. I know that would freak me out. The casino/blackriver guys get arrested.

Best one-line of the show: There are more loose ends here than in a whorehouse.

From this point on it's a pretty pat detective show. The Blackriver guys were really working for uptown girl. She was angry about her brother's death and did not want "those people" moving back in.

A nice little car chase ensues when the blackriver guys decide to take out uptown girl to protect themselves. Ex-partner Charlie just happens to be on the road during the car chase and crashes the into the bad guys SUV. He's injured in the crash and is kidnapped by the bad guys.

Said bad guys take off and head to the port where a helicopter is waiting. Charlie is dumped, while in a car, into the river. Boulet freezes and Trevor has to rescue Charlie. Boulet unfreezes and wraps a chain around the helicopter so that they can't take off. Good guys win.

Oh yeah, the new partner, Trever Cobb? He's a really a con who is trying to change his life around. He's secretly a New Orleans boy.

The End of Episode 1

Best Parts: Seeing so much of the city. Seeing people living, working, having fun, etc. Knowing that the rest of the world now knows that there is no standing water in New Orleans.

Worst Parts: Marlin Boulet only has two expressions: anger and WTF. Story is somewhat cliche. Characters need to build up.

Summary: It's a new show and needs a few episodes to find its feet. I'll be watching.

Question to any readers: Do you like a post with this much detail for each episode or do you think it's just overkill? Please let me know.


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