Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Does New Orleans Need a DA?

I wrote a while back about Eddie Jordan and the racism case. The DA was sued by a bunch of white employees who were fired and immediately replaced by black employees. The white employees won and it looked like a good thing.

Actually, it is still a good thing that racism was taken on and beaten. The bad part is that somehow Eddie J is not responsible for paying. According to this article, This may kill New Orleans entirely, the DA's office may lose furniture and vehicles to cover Eddie's lost suit.

Eddie made the decision, eddie is responsible, eddie should pay.

UDPATE: According to New Orleans City Business (on Oct 24, 2007), the city council is requesting information from the City Attorney.

"Specifically, I requested a legal opinion outlining the city and Council’s rights, responsibilities - if any - and alternatives in satisfying that judgment," Fielkow said.

"I am not inclined to support the use of city funds to satisfy this judgment and await the city attorney’s opinion," Fielkow said.

I think you probably know how I feel. Everyone I hae talked to about this feels the same way. Fielkow puts it best:

“The timing of this issue could not be worse," Fielkow said. "The needs of the city of New Orleans greatly outnumber the resources we currently have, and it is most unfortunate that the DA’s action has caused this burden to be potentially placed on the City of New Orleans and our citizens.

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