Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Music of K-Ville

Dave Walker at the T-P posted a good entry, Picking the music for 'K-Ville' isn't a big easy. Dave talks about how some of the music came about as well as how the K-Ville producers are trying to get it right.

It'll never fully satisfy locals, but the Fox network's New Orleans-set-and-shot cop show has pledged dedication to authenticity whenever it doesn't interfere with the series' performance as a business out in the greater Nielsen marketplace.

We've definitely seen that. I can't believe how bothered some New Orleanians are by the accents in the show. Sheeesh.

I didn't even realize that the K-Ville opening music was Dr John. He wrote it right after Katrina.

The show's opening-credits theme is built on a base track Dr. John and his band recorded mere days after the levees broke.

The song -- "Wade: Hurricane Suite: Aftermath" -- appeared on the benefit EP "Sippiana Hericane."

"This is right after Katrina, we did this," Dr. John said. "That's before Rita even happened, you know."

This is a good article. If you like Dr John, K-Ville or music in general, check it out.


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