Friday, October 5, 2007

K-Ville Season 1, Episode 3

I finally got around to watching K-Ville. I had it on DVR. I think it's going to be on again tonight. I have heard (i.e. read on blogs), that the third episode was going downhill. I don't think so. I enjoyed it even more than the first two. The characters are really starting to mesh.

In this episode, a city council member, an ex-DA, is found murdered. He's fished out of the water in a fairly gross scene, actually.

A woman's fingernail that is stuck to him leads to a New Orleans specialty shop. This part takes a leap of faith. The color of the nail is specially mixed, is made by a single shop in New Orleans, and Boulet's wife happens to be able to ID it with a quick look. The scene shows some of the humor of the show that I like, but the premise is a bit of a stretch.

Ultra hottie, Lyndsie Swann was a mentoree of the ex-DA. In a bit of dialog, we find that the DA was trying to turn some flooded neighborhoods into parks instead of rebuilding them. Boulet argues with her that the reason people haven't returned is that they don't even have the basic necessities to return. I agree but I wouldn't argue with her. She is hot!

Anyway, the fingernail eventually leads to a whore house and Adrienne Barbeau. Ms Barbeau is an old school hottie from way back. I had the hots for her about the time she made SwampThing. Yowza!

Anyway, as Boulet and Cobb are harassing the clientèle, the Capt shows up and gives them the boot. Turns out one of the ladies in the house is a confidential informant called a CI.

The hardy boys continue investigating and turn up the dead hooker who owned the fingernail. They also turn up a mostly naked guy in pantyhose and a ball choker hanging off the patio. The leads start piling up!

Meanwhile, a loony toon lawyer gets into a shootout with the NOPD from his bedroom window. Turns out he thought the cops were gang bangers in disguise. It also turns out that he is a hold out in one of the neighborhoods that the ex-DA (the dead guy) wanted to turn into a park. Hmmmmmm.

Of course this guy is so smart, he makes terroristic threats on his own law firm stationary. To the dead Ex-DA no less. This is another moment that you may want to suspend disbelief.

I'm going to cut to the chase here. The ex-DA, who wanted to make parks, was working with the gang to chase the holdouts out of the neighborhoods.

The Capt's CI is really a daughter replacement for him. There are a couple of emotional scenes that I thought were really well done in this story arc. Anyway, turns out the daughter replacement is a bad girl and she was the one who killed the ex-DA. The dead hooker wouldn't give up bad girls location to the gangsters so she was whacked.

There is a nice gun battle at the end (did you see that coming?) and the capt arrests his daughter replacement and the head of the gang.

It ends on a sentimental note with the Capt calling his real daughter.

There was also a sort of tie-in story arc of Boulet trying to see his daughter in some kind of school show. He makes just after it ends. Baby girl is happy though and they go off to get ice cream. I really don't need to ever hear Anthony Anderson sing again.

This is a fun show. If you are looking for reality based entertainment, watch survivor or kid nation. If you want to enjoy a humorous, fantasy, crime drama based in New Orleans, tune into K-Ville. Like good gumbo, it just keeps getting better and better.

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