Thursday, October 4, 2007 St. Bernard Parish Politics as Usual?

It's bad enough that Katrina took away people's homes and livelihoods but to have greedy businessmen ruin what's left, and worse, have the local politicians ignore it, is reprehensible.

I read an entry on craigslist about a Chalmette businessman named Sidney Torres. This businessman has opened an industrial waste removal facility in a suburban neighborhood. The property is zoned as commercial but not as industrial.

According to the web site,, port-a-potties and human waste removal trucks are stored right outside of people's homes. There are photos on the site and even videos showing the waste facility in action.

Apparently, the residents of this neighborhood have even gotten a cease and desist order but local government officials refuse to enforce it.

These people do not want to live across the street from a waste center, especially human waste. Would you? Better yet, would Mr. Torres?

The latest update I can find on the site has the following:

8/8/08 Update - Today we met with Television reporters and news cameras at our home on Virtue Street. Sidney caught wind of this and personally showed up at his waste facility. He quickly shut down the entire facility so the news cameras couldn't catch his dump in action. Can you say "I'm GUILTY!!!"???

Go to the web site,, browse around and let other people know about this.


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