Friday, October 12, 2007

K-Ville Season 1, Episode 4 - The New Orleans Lesbian Voodoo Dead Episode

Well, I finally got watch the DVRed episode 4. I am live blogging this, i.e. I am writing notes and thoughts as I watch it rather than after.

It starts out with Cobb flipping over a katrina-ized refrigerator and pulling out a wad of cash. After cleaning and drying it, he head's over to an unknown woman's trailer.

Flashback to the cell with his cellmate and a discussion about the cellmate's girlfriend.

Back to the present, we can guess that that's the unknown woman. She looks somewhat familiar to me but I can't place her. He gives here $21,250 and tells her it's legit.

Cobb gets a call on the cell and leaves. The team is standing around looking at a female body. Around the body is voodoo paraphernalia. But's it's a staged scene. Boulet knows cause Boulet knows all.

Best line is when Boulet says he once went kosher to impress a girl. A co-worker asks how that worked out. "Great, until she caught me two timing with a roast pork poboy!" heh

There is the obligatory voodoo explanation about voodoo being a religion and not a cult.

The dead woman, Mary, payed cash for her bar and house. She had been in New Orleans for only five years and there was no paper trail on her before that.

Boulet's deserting ex-partner Charlie is back again. The chief is giving officers who deserted a chance to come back. Charlie wants to get his job back and asks Boulet to be a character witness for him.

Charlie tells Boulet he can get him a gig on a security detail at a hotel where he can clear 10 or 15k extra per year. Boulet takes it as a bribe and goes off on him.

Would you be opposed to Charlie going back to work if you were Boulet? I'm not sure how I would react.

Cobb and Boulet talked afterwards and Cobb makes a good point. The stories of snipers and daughters being raped. It's hard to judge if you weren't a cop during and after the storm.

Boulet and Cobb investigate Mary's house. It's sparse, no books, looks like she wasn't far from running. They find a Tupperware thingie in the back of a toilet. Letters with no names or addresses.

They get info on the voodoo paraphernalia and track it back to a DJ. They go to his house and find voodoo hoodoo so they break in. The DJ takes off in a car and almost runs over Cobb. What does Cobb do? He hops on the roof.

Of course, the super duo catch him. For a fat guy, Boulet sure can move. Doesn't even breath hard. The only thing is that the he turns into a she. The runner, I mean, not Boulet.

Sam, the DJ, was in love with Mary, the dead girl. New Orleans, Lesbian Voodoo. Cool!

Sam gave Mary an article that a local paparazzi took. Mary was a Katrina angel helping people with mortgages and stuff. The guy talked to Mary who said she didn't want credit but the guy still used her image and name in the article.

Ohhh. They track down the dead woman's history. Turns out Mary has been dead for 20 years. I'm guessing this is a case of stolen identity as opposed to an return to life situation. Add undead to the New Orleans Lesbian Voodoo though and that would be a cool story. ;-)

The captain says he's thinking about bringing Charlie back and gives Boulet his personnel file. Talk about a big no no. That's a good way to lose your job. I'm still very curious what's in it though.

Is it just me, or is the story about Charlie and the rest of the crew more interesting than the "main" story? I'd really like them to spend more time at the precinct, ala Hill Street Blues.

Back on the main story, Mary was a battered woman and had old broken bones. The original Mary died in a factory fire. She may have been connected to a battered woman's group or something.

Cobb and Trever go to Mary's funeral to talk to Mary's friend. She was the one who sent the love letters that were in the toilet. They met in a bettered woman's shelter.

The cellmate's girlfriend that Cobb gave the 21k to gets arrested for passing marked bills from a bank robbery. Holy crap, doesn't that suck!

They tracked down "Mary" and she was from Ohio. She had 5 restraining orders on her husband in Ohio. When the local cops went to his work to talk to him, the secretary said he was on vacation in New Orleans.

Cobb talked to the girl he gave the money to. He pretty much convinced her not to turn him in. Boulet figured out the deal and told Cobb that after the current case he either had to turn himself in or Boulet would do it for him.

Boulet and Cobb visit the hotel where the ex-husband was staying and after throwing him on the ground, they arrest him. He denies everything. He has a new, battered wife and after giving her all the information, she admits that they weren't together the entire night on the night Mary died. Busted!

Cobb confesses to the Captain that he was the one who gave the other woman the 21k. But while Cobb is confessing, Boulet comes in and says he was the one who gave her them money. He said that he found the money while cleaning houses.

You never abandon your partner.

Boulet finally reads Charlie's personnel file. He heads over to a bar to have a beer with Charlie. Boulet buys him a beer and shoots a game of pool.

You never abandon your partner.


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