Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Racism in New Orleans Takes a Hit

This entry was originally posted in August. I'm consolidating my New Orleans postings in a single blog (this one).

Justice has been served in a racism case that was watched across the US. In 2003, incoming District Attorney Eddie Jordan, who is black, fired over 50 white employees and replaced them with black employees. In 2005, a court found the DA guilty of violating the employees' civil rights.

Jordan appealed, and just this week, the appeals court rejected all points of the appeal and said that Jordan must pay almost US$ 4 million to the defendants and pay court costs for the appeals. The original case found that Jordan's office must pay back pay and damages (minimal from the looks of it). With the appeal, interest has accrued and that's bumped the dollar amount up.

Since Jordan was sued as the N.O. DA, the tax payers will have to pay the money. That part of it sucks but I am glad this instance of racism was brought to light and that the fired employees get back pay. I think they should also get their jobs back, Eddie Jordan's replacements should be fired and Eddie impeached for racism. La doesn't have a stellar record of keeping crooks out of office though.

Racism from the block New Orleans politicos shouldn't surprise anyone. Nagin and his "Chocolate City" comments were the shot heard round the world. Where is Rev Jackson? Where is Sharpton? Where is the NAACP? Shouldn't all of these "fighters for equality and justice for all" be cheering this verdict? Or are they bigots and racists?

They are willing to march in the streets at a perceived slight to a black person but turn a blind eye to this. Which is worse? A blatant racist or one who hides it? I say they're about the same.

According to popular press and pundits, most of the misery of Katrina was directed at blacks and racism played a huge part in people not getting out of New Orleans before the flooding. I know for a fact that there was plenty of misery for everyone, white and black.

I think the main reason New Orleans was ignored was that, when they vote, they primarily vote democrat and are mostly poor (white or not). Three of the four hardest hit parishes in La were a majority white population.

I am sick of hearing about the corruption of New Orleans and Louisiana politicians (black and white). I'm ready for Nagin, Blanco, Jefferson, et al to just leave. Pack up and go. I'm sick of the current set of US politicians too. The 2008 elections can't get here fast enough for me. The worst thing is who will replace Bush?

Who will you vote for your new Governor? It is painful to believe that Nagin was reelected mayor of New Orleans and is now considering a run for governor.

Well, this has turned into a rant so I will stop here. I just want to end this with a call to move away from the racism and politics as usual of the past. New Orleans needs to build a new future. I hope that future starts soon.


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