Saturday, October 6, 2007

K-Ville Hits Australia

I ran across an article from Australia in The Age called K-ville. I guess it takes a few weeks before US shows make it to the Aussie shores. Does it piss off Australians with people call them Aussies?

Anyway, the author has some good words for the show:

Now comes K-Ville, a drama series of considerable significance, for not only is it getting here swiftly - three weeks after its US premiere - but it represents a decision by NBC to invest more than $1 million a week into the battered New Orleans economy by shooting a major cop show entirely on location there.

I have to agree that Fox did take a chance putting the show in New Orleans and I am glad they did. The city could really use the money.

He also makes a good point about some of the hypocritical resentment from locals who complain about the show actually showing crime (it IS a crime drama):

The New York Times has reported concerns among the residents of New Orleans about a cop show that gives priority to a post-Katrina crime wave, while playing down the positive elements of recovery. However, there were six murders in the city on the night NBC filmed the fundraiser party scene.

Anyway, it's good to see some info about K-Ville from foreign lands. It will be interesting to see how rating are.


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