Tuesday, October 9, 2007

K-Ville Season 1, Episode 2 Synopsis

I haven't watched episode 4 yet. I have it DVR'd. In the meantime, here are my thoughts about episode 2.

The show started off with several guys running through a swampy area. In the beginning dialog, they said that there was a prison escape but the area they show wasn't parish prison, that's for sure. The are they were in was swampy. Supposedly it was OPP (Orleans Parish Prison) but that is not what the area around OPP looks like.

All the local cops were pulled into the man hunt and when they were discussing where the escapees might be, they were talking about the area around Bonnable Blvd. Cool that they ended up in Jefferson Parish right away. Old stomping grounds for me.

Of course, Cobb's first thought was did he know these guys? He said he didn't but he had the scoop on how three men can escape together. I don't know why Cole thought it would be easier to hunt down every possible contact of one of the escapees than actually searching the likely areas, but that's what they do. Of course, Cobb's instinct worked out.

I have to mention something here. I like hot sauce. All kinds of hot sauce. The show had Boulet put hot sauce (crystal, I assume) in his oatmeal. Uck. Hot sauce on eggs sure. Even on grits. But oatmeal. Uck.

Cole's instincts seem to pan out. The contact and escapees are at the airport. They called it Louie Armstrong? Do you call it that? Everybody I know either calls it "the airport" or they call it Moisant.

One escapee says he's not going back so Marlin has to shoot him in the leg and then hit him in the face. The guy Cobb is after says if he goes back, he's as good as dead. The prison guard (Carlson) leading the search for the escapees, starts shooting and Cobb knocks him down. The escapee hops in a car, tries to run over Cobb and then takes off. The escapee gets away by nailing a few cars on the down ramp from the airport parking garage.

Nice. The escapee (I think his name was Tim Dunlevy?) dumps the car in Metairie. The characters then talk about Kenner. Cool. JP Rocks. This is what I want in the show. More and more about the local area.

Corruption Cliche Alert. This is a major plot point.

Apparently, there is some obvious bad blood between NOPD and OPP. There's some crap about OPP keeping people in jail for years because of drunk and disorderly or spitting on a sidewalk. The escapees that were caught are ordered back into the sheriffs custody by a Mr. Deville, the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff.

They get to interview more rich folk. The escapees rich folk parents didn't know that their son was in jail for two years. He just happens to have a 100k trust fund. It's getting a little deep here.

BTW, there are some great shots on the lead in to advertisements. I really like the shot of the French Quarter and street performers.

Trevor and Boulet roust out the escapee's girlfriend (Kelly Burke) and she tells them the boyfriend's life is in danger but doesn't know why. Boulet gets a call; one of the inmates who was caught was killed in only two hours after being returned to OPP.

Marlin and Trevor go to OPP to do "further investigation". All they find in the investigation is some sheet music that Dunlevy wrote while in prison. Boulet takes a sheet.

They get to see where the alleged breakout occurred. They see the cell block Cobb was in when he was help in OPP and he has a flashback of the flood and the drowning of his cell mate.

While talking to Corrupt Carlson, Dunlevy calls the precinct house and gets patched through to Cobb, the only person he'll talk to. As they talk, as Dunlevy is about to give Cobb the scoop, prisoners walk through the caged walkaway and one of them jumps Cobb. Carlson pepper sprays Cobb and the prisoner. Cobb punches Carlson in the face.

The Deville is not amused. Cobb calls the sheriff and Carlson liars and says their stories don't match. Turns out the captives were on a work detail when they escaped. I knew the area they were in was not OPP. The area was the marshy area near airline. I used to go crawfishing out that way as a kid.

Best line of the show: If you tried to play this music it would sound like chicken sex.

Trevor and Boulet head out to the marshy area near Airline to look around. While there, Carlson is spying on them. This guy is trouble.

Trevor and Cobb go back to the precinct to interview girlfriend Kelly. Turns out, the chicken sex, sheet music was code for the girlfriend. They use the good cop/good cop on her to get her to talk. She does.

She gives up a bartender who is involved. They give the password and the bartender tells them Dunlevy is in a store room in back. Sure enough he is. Trevor heads back to talk to him. While Trevor is talking to Dunlevy, Carlson comes in to kill him. Boulet is right behind him and gets the drop on the bad guy (Carlson).

After a brief mexican standoff, Carlson shoots Boulet, Cobb shoots Carlson, Dunlevy takes off. Boulet's vest takes the hit. Boulet calls in help while Trevor goes on a foot chase after Dunlevy.

Trevor finds him and tells him to talk or get his head blown off. Dunlevy knows details of a company named "Shore" (Shell?) who does offshore drilling. Offshore drilling creates tons of toxic sludge. Dumping the sludge is expensive so the sheriff is using prisoners to dump barrels of it in the marsh.

Trevor believes him and lets him go.

In the debrief with the DA, Sheriff Deville stops in for a few words with Cobb. He threatens Cobb but it turns out Cobb already has friends retrieving the barrels of sludge which can then be tracked back to Shore and Deville. Very Pat.

It ends with Cobb visiting the grave of his dead cell mate. Cobb and Boulet walk off together.

So what do you think of the show so far? Worth watching? I've been hearing less complaining about accents and such but that might be that those people quit watching. Personally, I'm still enjoying it.


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