Friday, October 19, 2007

FEMA Floodmaps On;ine

The title of this entry is supposed to be "FEMA Floodmaps OnLine". Duh, typo. It screws up for some reason if I change it now, though.

fema_flood_map_onlineI read an article today in CityBusiness, Powell: Web site will show flood maps, recovery spending.

FEMA is releasing maps of 100 year flood points. This will allow anyone to see potential flood issues. Powell specifically mentions the obvious business use of the maps.

“For the first time, the citizens of New Orleans will understand the power of a storm like Hurricane Katrina,” Powell said. “When a potential business leader can look at exactly what flood potential there is in a particular area, that is a powerful tool.”

I think the maps will be important for business but I think it's even more important for home owners. The downside to this could be lenders or insurers looking at the map and making life difficult for people who want to buy in the less than pristine areas.

The URL for the FEMA site is It's not available yet and as of today, that link is redirected to the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast Rebuilding.

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