Saturday, September 8, 2007

Visiting the old and new of New Orleans

Today's headline comes from MSNBC. The headline is Visiting the old and new of New Orleans posted on September 6, 2007 at 12:10am by Peter Greenberg.

The article is about teh memories of a reporter's first trip into New Orleans via train and a visit with friends. It's also a recent recollection of New Orleans and many of the sobering statistics that are the reality of life in New Orleans.

Best Quote:

It was a fitting welcome to New Orleans, one I will never forget. And it only got better. Of course there was Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, but my friends also took me over the Huey P. Long Bridge to a wild restaurant called Moska's (think Italian Cajun....), a place where mom was still cooking in the kitchen and old wooden tables with well-worn red and white checked tablecloths were all occupied.

I was introduced to the po boy sandwich at a place called Mothers, and taught the fine art of the mufalletta at the central grocery. (Before eating this sandwich, make sure you're wearing clothing you wish to immediately donate following the meal).

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