Thursday, September 27, 2007

2007-08-01 FEMA Vs La - Money in, money out?

I found a very interesting document at the FEMA site, FEMA Louisiana Public Assistance Global report for July 27, 2007. It is a bunch of summary statistics from FEMA about Rita and Katrina. Some very interesting figures in this document.

Total cubic yards of debris removed:

  • Orleans: 14.5 million

  • Jefferson: 5.5 million

  • St. Tammany: 9.8 million

The article lists more than those parishes. You should check it out if you live in another parish.

According to the paper, the money from FEMA is split in three buckets: Emergency Work, Permanent Work and Admin. The total that FEMA has given to the state is just under $5 billion dollars. The state has paid out about half that amount. The state has paid out 73% of the emergency funds but only 27% of the permanent work.

If I stick with the same parishes I mentioned above:

  • Orleans has been designated $1.3 billion but the state has only paid out $516 million (40%)

  • Jefferson has been designated $254 million and the state has paid out $150 million (59%)

  • St. Tammany has been designated $328 and the state has paid out $222 million (68%)

The worst two payouts are in Cameron and Plaquemines at 29% and 31% respectively. I was surprised to see that Washington parish was designated to receive almost $110 million. Of course, St Bernard was hit bad and they have been designated $736 million. The state has only awarded 49% of those funds.

The paper also has some charts on payouts and funding as well as a table of projects. All in all a very interesting read.


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