Thursday, September 27, 2007

2007-7-31 Today’s the Last Day to Apply for Road Home Funds

The Road Home provides funds for those people who were made homeless, or at least had damage, by Katrina and Rita. The Road Home program gives homeowners up to $150,000 to get back into their house and provides some assistance to relocate if you've moved away.

This program is funded with money from the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD). I know this post is a little bit late but I hope that if you were eligible, you took advantage of the program. I know many people did get money, although I don't know anyone who got $150,000.

On an up note, HUD has extended the Disaster Voucher Program (DVP) until September 1, 2007. DVP specifically helps those who were living in public housing when Katrina hit. HUD estimates the 11,400 people are eligible for the assistance.

"As we approach the second anniversary of one of this nation's worst natural disasters, I'm pleased HUD can extend the program for families who still need help," said Jackson, who greeted low-income New Orleans' evacuees living at the facility. "We want all families who benefited from HUD's housing programs before Katrina and Rita struck to continue to get assistance."

For additional good news, the Times Picayune ran a story today that, after 23 months, Lakefront Airport is finally staffing the control tower. The tower required $6 million for renovations due to Katrina.

According to the article, which was written by TP Staff Reporter John Pope,

The tourism industry is pleased about this development, too, because more big spenders will have a place to land and park their corporate jets when they fly in for events such as the Sugar Bowl and next February's National Basketball Association All-Star Game, said Mary Beth Romig, a spokeswoman for the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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