Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nagin: New Orleans or Bust(ed)?

Does Nagin deserve to be Mayor of New Orleans? Heck, does he even want to be? Shouldn't he be concentrating his energies on New Orleans now? Does the national spotlight really NEED Nagin?

Today's headline is from the Bayou Buzz. The headline is New Orleans Nagin: A Jena Trip by Jeff Crouere.

He makes some really good sense. Best Quote:

New Orleans is a city that is suffering, as thousands of homes remain unoccupied and thousands of people remain in trailers. The infrastructure has not been fixed, and major tourist attractions such as the St. Charles Streetcar have not returned. The economy is in the doldrums, as the main industry, tourism, has not returned. Crime is rampant and the city is on its way to retain the tragic title of Murder Capital of the nation.

So, in the midst of this turmoil and trouble, it would only reason that the Mayor of New Orleans would be working hard to solve these problems. Sadly, working hard is that last thing that Mayor Ray Nagin wants to do. In recent months he has been all over the nation raising money and garnering publicity. His publicity tour continued yesterday when he traveled 250 miles to join protestors in Jena, Louisiana rallying for the “Jena Six.”

What do you think?

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