Tuesday, December 25, 2007

About the Demolition

I was going to stay out of this argument considering I don't live in the area anymore and I have never lived in the projects. But with all the press, I wanted to chime in. I personally think they should refurbish the existing projects. I also think they should put very large fences around them with metal detectors and drug sniffers at the gates.

I used to work for an electrician who had a contract with the city to re-wire the units that were burnt out. See, after the people who live in these projects get tired of trashing a unit, they burn it out so that they get another, newer unit. Then they trash that one, rinse, repeat.

So, I would travel daily into these war zones to run wire and install new breaker boxes and smoke alarms. My boss had to ride shotgun. He wore a gun on his hip and I was not allowed outside the unit, to get parts for example, unless he was there. That was to protect my life. What a wonderful place to live.

In addition to making new rules that if you burn your unit out you have to leave the projects, I think they should build in tight security with armed guards, cameras, and police offices inside the projects. Bright lights too.

Anyway, I have noticed that this particular story has made worldwide headlines. This is really more bad press for New Orleans that was not needed. If the people who live in the projects WANT to live in them, why tear them down? Fix them, add real security, do real background checks, start arresting the hookers, drug dealers and gang bangers and just get on with life.

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