Sunday, August 26, 2007

Against The Tide The Battle For New Orleans Documentary To Air On CNBC

Today's headline is from CNBC. The headline is Against The Tide: The Battle For New Orleans premieres on August 26, 2007 10pm Pacific/1am Eastern.

No quotes today. Just descriptions:

Big Business
Two years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans still faces a difficult road to recovery. CNBC analyzes how the big and small businesses have worked together to recover from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. The original primetime documentary profiles the people and the progress they've made Against the Tide.

A Long Road Home
The Road Home Program was set up to distribute $7.5 billion in federal money to help homeowners rebuild. Many believe it’s the single most important program for the recovery of Southern Louisiana. But as CNBC’s Scott Cohn explains, problems with the program have become one of the biggest obstacles to people coming back.

And there's more. This is one to record.

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